Schedule A Book Donation Pickup

What To Expect

If you follow the link below you will be taken to a page where you will be able to book a time and date for a book collection. You can then leave the books at your front door or we can knock and collect them from you.

How To Pack Your Books

Ideally if you are able to box or bag your books up so they can be easily transported that would be great however if this is not possible please try and let us know before hand so we can bring something with us.

Books That We Accept

We will accept the majority of fiction and non fiction books with an emphasis on academia. We won't accept magazines and large encyclopedias.

Who do we work with?​

We work with individuals, libraries, used book shops, charity shops and more! Unfortunately we are no longer serving schools.

What areas do we cover?​

At the moment we cover both the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire counties.

We offer a free book collection service accepting both fiction and non fiction books covering the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire area.
Book Donation Pickup